Lakeview Park Property Owners Association
St. Helen, Michigan


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I become a member?
A: You must own property within the LPPOA boundaries to become a member. Please review the map under Area Map above for boundaries.

Q: How much are the required dues?
A: Currently the annual dues are $75.00. If you own property within the LPPOA boundaries you are required to pay dues. Dues are required by January 1 of each year and late after 60 days. A late fee will be assessed on all late dues.

Q: What is the penalty for not paying dues on time?
A: Under Section 3, Article VII of our bylaws; the association has the right to collect on all unpaid dues. The member responsible for unpaid dues is subject to all attorney fees and costs incurred by the association. Members that are not in good standing could also forfeit their dock space.

Q: How many votes do I get at the annual meeting?
A: One. Under Article IV, Section 1 of our bylaws; each member is entitled to one (1) vote per membership. Even if you own 4 homes, you only get one (1) vote.

Q: Are the docks included with the sale of homes?
A: No. The actual dock(s) are owned by the member that purchases the material, either home built or prefabricated; the dock space is owned by the LPPOA and cannot be included with the sale of any home.

Q: Is there a dock waiting list?
A: Yes. In order to be considered for a dock you must contact the dock chairman listed in the Board Members link. You will then be placed on the dock waiting list as long as your dues are current and you are in good standing. Please see the bylaws, Article XIII, Section A thru D, under the Document link above for fees associated with dock usage.

Q: Can I cut the grass in front of my home on the association property?
A: No. Our association contracts all lawn service to a local contractor. Please contact the President of the LPPOA if there are issues with lawn service.

Q: What are the building requirements?
A: You must first contact the Richfield Township Office and obtain a building permit. Your plans must then be submitted to the association board for approval.

Q: Are golf carts allowed?
A: Yes. You must be in compliance with all township golf cart rules in order to operate a golf cart on the LPPOA property. The township ordinance is found under the Documents link above. You are required to carry a valid Michigan motor vehicle operators license while operating a golf cart on the LPPOA parkway.

Q: Am I allowed to store my stuff on LPPOA property?
A: No. Under Section 3, Article X; no boats, docks, posts, etc., are allowed to be stored on the lakeshore parkway from Spring to Fall, or any other time during the year. Please review our bylaws under the Documents link above.

Q: Can I plug into the receptacle at Tippedy beach for any reason?
A: No. These receptacles are for ground fault protection of our lights only.

Q: Can I cut trees on the association property?
A: Not without permission. You must first contact the association board for approval. If these trees are located on a Roscommon County road, please contact Roscommon County at 989-366-0333 for approval. You can also go to their website here.