Lakeview Park Property Owners Association
St. Helen, Michigan



If the contractor is uninsured or has uninsured employees, don’t even consider hiring them.

Uninsured contractors are a danger to the LPPOA financial affairs. They expose our members to significant financial risk in the event of an injury or damage to our property. They may have no way of paying us for property damage and if serious injury occurs, both the injured party and all others that were impacted by the event will likely sue to recover their loses. If we knowingly hired an uninsured contractor and an injury occurs during the performance of the contract (verbal or written), then the LPPOA insurance company has the right not to pay the claim, leaving LPPOA members exposed to the medical, personal injury, or property damage costs; including any State of Michigan DEQ action as a result of shoreline damage.

LPPOA insurance policy does not protect you from an uninsured contractor.

LPPOA insurance requirements for all contractors on LPPOA property:
One (1) million personal injury and liability
Two (2) million aggregate
Two (2) million product completion and operations
Workers compensation on all employees

Documentation is required before work is started, keep copy for your records, mail copy to:
P. O. Box 555
St. Helen, Michigan  48656