Lakeview Park Property Owners Association
St. Helen, Michigan




The Lakeview Park Property Owners Association (LPPOA) of Saint Helen, Michigan was originally chartered in 1914, re-recorded in 1972. The purpose for which the Association is formed are to acquire, maintain, and construct building and property for owners of property in the Lakeview Park Plats located in Richfield Township, Roscommon County, Michigan. The LPPOA is to maintain educational and recreational facilities and to acquire other properties for such purposes; to engage community interest and relationship among the educational, recreational, physical, and social activities of its members, guests, and friends. In doing so, that we may acquire a mutual understanding and goodwill among all owners of property located in the Lakeview Park subdivision, and in general, to exercise all the powers allocated to  non-profit corporations by the law of the State of Michigan.